To keep pace with the changes of time and the habit of utilization as well as to meet the ever-changing consumers' needs, EVER-GROW has been devoting all her time in researching and developing advanced material and technology to cater to modern demand.

EVER-GROW Multi-ply material is specially designed to achieve the highest heat conductivity, durability and "induction" heating using the Clad Metal technology.

It is suitable for a variety of applications in different industries such as :

Houseware : Multi-ply Cookware
Electrical appliances : Teppan Griddle, Heating Elements
Automotive industries : Bumpers
Chemical industries : Heat Exchanger Plates

Furthermore, EVER-GROW Multi-ply material uses a high technology clad as well as special custom made materials for the cladding.

The result is a reduction in weight as well as improved heat and corrosion resistance clad material.